To: Sandbox From: Zak Allison

February 2, 2010

To everything who indirectly saved my life.

writing this from a hospital bed, with 7 stitches in my head…a grade two concussion, and two relieved, and worried set of parents beside me. my name is Zak Allison, and i owe you guys my life. two days ago i was riding the park at sunshine village, banff, ab. i don’t remember it. but friends said i was trying to backlip the down flat box, i produced and caught my heels on the flat and the first thing to hit was my head. the sandbox brain bucket i was wearing is now cracked and desrotyed, but my brain is okay. the doctors said if i wasn’t wearing your helmet i would have been most likely brain dead. if not dead all together. the small hospital bill i received was much more welcome then living life as a vegetable. i want to let you guy know im not quitting snowboarding, nowhere close. and ill be telling everything i ride with to buy one of your helmets. i owe everything with your company tons. thank you from the canadian rockies.

Zak Allison.


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