Videograss – A Good Time Shown In Vancouver

September 21, 2009

The most anticipated snowboard video of season was shown to hundreds at Strathcona park this past Friday.  There was a TGIF atmosphere in the air as BYO coldies started cracking. The sun set, the skate session died, and groups of hoodies and slouched bennies gathered from all conners of the dark park.  ’Strath’ and the projected screen made for a amazingly unique outdoor setting.  It was a great vibe that lasted the night.  It’s a rare occurrence when both Mother Nature and the Party Snakes behave in Vancouver, and we thank them both for making things easy on us.

What’s a party recap without some name dropping?  Mikey Leblanc, Darrel Mathes, T.J. Schneider, Marie France-Roy, photog Scott Serfas, and journalist Andy Blumberg were all on hand to see the handrail heavy flick.   The Videograss video its self had a killer sound track and a “for snowboarders, by snowboarders” feel that has been missed by many over budgeted shred flicks of late. Cheering decided the stand out parts belonged to Ben Bilocq, L.N.P, Jordan Mendenhall, and Alex Cantin.  Big high fives to HoldenAshbury,COMUNE and Wick Winder Distribution for making it all happen.  Thanks as well to Fortune Sound Club for welcoming all the riff-raff in afterwards to take the edge off.  Great hang, we’ll do it again next year!

Strathcona Skate

Shows about to go, bros

“Mikey here… Ya they’re gonna start this and your blowing it not being here”

Plaid and Pilsner… Life is good


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