North Delta / Costal Riders Skate Jam – OR – Lots of Wieners, Not Enough Buns.

September 21, 2009

That’s right, Costal Riders rallied hundreds of skate rats from North Delta and the depths of Surrey share the passion at the local ND skate park.  Monster Energy provided free sugar fixes, hot dogs, and urban mixed tunes.  Costal Riders gave away a small shops worth of product.  We at Feedback / Wick Winder / COMUNE flowed fresh T’s while spreading the good word on the next big thing in skate fashion.

This simple celebration was throw for the community’s mutual passion, and love of skateboarding.  Damon Pyatt of Costal said it over the microphone best “This is not a contest, this is just skateboarding”. Cheers to Costal Riders Board Shop, for keeping the ‘Skate Jam’ vibe alive.

Banners and Babes?

Check the Katate Kid styled tre flip.  Ralph Macchio would be impressed.


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