What’s up with Gereth Stehr by Corey Smith

August 31, 2009

I checked in with Gareth the other day to see how his summer has been shaping up. Here’s a few words with him:

CS: How are you handling the heat in LA these days?
GS: Well right now I am chilling at the balboa beach yacht club.
I came down here with my girlfriend to get some fresh air and check out the lounge singers.

CS: Since the hills are on fire, has there been smoke around your house?
GS: Yeah the air quality in LA is shit right now.

CS: When’s your next art show and where?
GS: I think sometime in October for my birthday at goodform salon at Fairfax and melrose.

CS: How’s your new motorcycle coming along. When is it going to be finished?
GS: It’s still stock right now but hopefully I can get it built soon and start chopping it up

CS: Have you had a rad summer so far? What are some of the highlights?
GS: Pretty killer just hyped on skating with the homies Highlights still to comegareth-painting


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